What I Do

I work to make things better by making better things.

Collaborate & cooperate

My perspective on collaboration is that teams are relationships, and so require empathy and trust. It's built by doing what we say we're going to do over time and setting expectations, boundaries and commitments. 

Research and design

Empathy is all the rage now, but I've been doing it to shape what I make since before it was cool. Paired with being a visual learner and communicator, I have become skilled at translating needs into systems and designs.

Teach, learn, help, grow

Design is not new. Neither is trying to create an experience. What's new is that we are designing systems that involve a continuum of screens. Also, there aren't enough of us. I'm trying to help change that.

A few samples of my work

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Nice to meet you,
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Things You Probably Want to Know Before Hitting Let's Get Started

1. I'm based in Chicago and regularly travel for projects. Travel and expenses will apply for outside the Chicago area.

2. I prefer to be paid as an independent contractor semi-monthly, but can work through my LLC on a Net 30. I don't generally work through other companies like recruiting firms. 

3. Because I know #2 will create issues for companies who need to work through approved vendors, I'm happy to establish an MSA or SOW for long-term relationships and project work.

3. My rates are available on request, and I'm a US citizen who does not need sponsorship.